Monday, December 31, 2007

I think I like this Lewis guy...

As you know this past week was Christmas, and alot of people have had this past week off, this includes Talk show hosts. My favorite talk show is EL Rushibo myself, and because of this I have not been listening to his show this past week mainly because one of his guest leaves me feeling a bit wanting. But on the other hand there is one guy, a new guy whom has been subbing for Rush that has really caught my fancy, his is name Jason Lewis and he is fantastic. Before listening to today's show I was sort of on the fence when it came to deciding whom I should vote for in the presidential primary in a couple of weeks but after listening to Mr. Lewis talk about and describe the similarities and difference between the candidates. Was die set on voting for Fred Thompson but I wasn't sure why but now I am, after listening to Mr. Lewis talk about the candidates I became convinced that my first choice was the right choice. But he also helped me decide upon a second candidate if I feel that I need to go to my second choice but I probably won't, but I have a second... So if you're asking me who I think they should finish it would be as follows....

1. Fred Thompson
2. Mitt Romney
3. Ron Paul
4. Duncan Hunter
5. Rudy Guliani
6. Mike Huckubee

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