Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who messing with the Meta?

+It's Tuesday and you may have heard about a Wrestler named Chris Benoit, Mr. Benoit was a Wrestler in the WWE and a good one at that. How something came over him that has started coming over more and more people lately, I noticed anyway. And it is something that I can only classify as Sin going ape crap, Sin run amoc or whatever. Sin is a powerful thing, it says "come on do it, it's ok no body will care or find out". Mr. Benoit killed his youngest son Daniel and Wife Nancy before hanging himself. Why? Did she cheat? Who knows, the point is Mr. Benoit must have embraced his anger or "Dark side" if you will. He probobly didn't think he could go for a walk, or go to Walmart to blow off some steam, like you or I could, after all He's "The Crippler", "The Rabid Wolverine", he's Freakin' Chris Benoit, a Wrestling Icon.

The question I have is, Why?

Why would a man kill his family, why would a boyfriend kill his pregant girlfriend with whom he'd already had one child with... Why?

The answer is very, very simple....Sin... specially the sin of Selfishness.

Let us all ask God to forgive us of our sins and ask him the take away the malice and anger that we harbor.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's not that hard....

Question, why do people make things harder then it needs to be? For that matter, why do people look for things to complain about? I know I'm guilty of both at more one time or another. But "this far, no farther" as one of my favorite Captians put, it ends here, for me today is the end of making stuff harder then it needs to be.

I believe thats one of the reasons God gave us the Bible. It's like he said hey it's really not that hard don't murder, son't steal, don't sleep with another dudes wife, don't take my name in vane, honor your mom and dad, don't lie, love others as you love yourself and love me with your whole being. Do all that and your on easy mode. Easy mode for those of you in Rio Linda is doing every thing very easily. I mean seriously is your job that important (those of you who arn't pastors) And don't give me this whole arn't we suppose to help other with there beliefs cause I've already covered that part. (love others as you love yourself) I means seriously life it easy we just make it hard...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

hello there

Well, hello there, I would normally be playing right now, be the servers not Authenticing for some reason. But at least I can make this post. Not much has happened since my last post but never the less here I am. First of all let me post a photo so there it is.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Billy the kid and I dinged 60!!

Grettings all,

I know, I know where you been? Tried, whipped whatever.... Anyway I'm here now and that's all that matters. First off Florida head basketball coach, Billy D., I love the Gators and if he's the Coach of the Magic I don't have a problem with that because I'm a Magic, but I'm not a Bigger Magic fan then I am a Unversity of Florida so if Billy leaves, will I be happy, I guess, but not that much. Secondly, yesterday I dinged 60 in my game the World of Warcraft; it's a temendisly addictive game but, it will make you go and want to kill real people. But reaching level 60 is no easy task I assure you and I stil have 10 more levels to go last year 60 was the gold standard but now 70 is and even after you reach level 70 there is still a ton of stuff to do once there.

But even in all the excitement in reaching 60, I must take a moment and thank the one who makes it all possible...The Lord my God, the of with whom all things are possible...

Thank you Father

Next time Ill publish photos of Xen....

Later all