Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thoughts and more....

I know that it has been a while since my last post, but I'm back and I've sprained my ankle; yes, on March 13th 2208, on my way into work I slipped on some ice in the Mall parking lot and sprained my right ankle, it did not feel good. But aside from that I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to convey my thoughts on a couple of things.

First there is the old machine calling device, it is so annoying when I pick up the phone and the "person" on the other end of the line is clearly a machine; why is it so hard to let me talk to a living, breathing human being?

Secondly, why any time I call either tech support my computer or router, is the person I talk to in India or somewhere like that, why can't they be in Tulsa or Bakersfield, why India?

Finally, why are we(Americans) unable to drill for oil in ANWR; we could be paying 2 dollar for a gallon of gas instead of paying 3.15 for a gallon of gas.


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Christopher said...

gas is about 3.45 a gallon here today. i may start riding my bike to work. hope you are enjoying spring. nice and warm here as usual. :)