Monday, April 07, 2008

Sports and God?

I find myself wondering why people at sporting events or watching at home, pray for stuff to happen in the game. I mean seriously I even do it, Like when my Gators need a big defensive stop or they need another touchdown, or whatever, I and many other fans around the country pray for God to intervene on there behalf. And then they do it again the next game. But what really bothers me is that most of these people no doubt probably have never ever darken the door of a church much less have a personal relationship with Jesus and yet they pray to God to help there team to win and then if there team doesn't win it's God's Fault. Give me a break I believe in Jesus. I have a personal relationship with him, I know the he brought this topic to my mind. God knows that we watch sports, he gave us sports to use it as a ministry. God is about people, he loves you, Sports is about people, People play and watch sports. I don't believe he cares about the wins and losses he cares about the people.

Choose Jesus, he loves you....

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