Monday, April 09, 2007

My Big Sin Problem

For years now, I have struggled with a very powerful sin, one which I have told myself "OH, it's no big deal." But the truth is, it is a big deal and it has consumed my very being for 17 years now. Pornography, is I admit it, I have been addictied to Porn since I was 12 years old. And I don't care that I'm posting it on the internet for anyone else to see. But by the grace of God and the love of my wife, I sit here this morning writing this post about the evil disease that has inflicted me since the sixth grade. I asked God to forgive me, for my past and I asked him to shield my thoughts form ever wanting to revisit those sites, those magiznes, those movies, those pictures. Truth me went I tell you it hurts, to think about the millions of men around the world that are still a slave to this disease. I pray that after reading this you will not think less of me, but pray that I will never fall for this tempation again.

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