Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ok so...

I worked this weekend it wasn't to bad, aside from the four or five hours I had to do on Sunday, it was a good weekend. I brought our new laptop into work, both days, Saturday and Sunday and it was nice to be able to have access to all my stuff; Although I was a bit worried about the network being monitored but then I realized my computer had a firewall on it.

Aside from that the other big news this past week, was the NFL draft, in which the hapless Cleveland Browns had what I can only describe as a it'll be great if it works draft.

But other than that nothing much happened, unless you consider that I got my warlock Xennic up to 50, which is good but not great then you consider I have 20 more levels to go. But hey at 58, I can go to Outland, at 60 I can get my Epic Mount and at 70 my Flying mount (woot!)


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