Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hum..What to do, What to do..part 1

Recently I was listening to an episode of the Rush Limbaugh show, and he was talking about how we as Americans pay greatly for our ignorance. He says that because of the liberal education system in this county that we pay for it. As I continued to listen to Mr. Limbaugh, I realized that he was talking about me, he said that the American public school system has made people hate everything good about America.

I can remember in 11th grade English class being told about Joesph McCarthy, a republican Senator from Wisconsin during the late 1940's to 1957. I remember how my teacher at the time told my class mates and I about how awful he was because he basically thought some people were Communist. And I being all of 15 or 16 at the time believed her, without question. I remember thinking how awful he was for thinking that Communist would dare to show there face at any time whether it was today or 1951; because I didn't know any better. But now I realize that people that don't believe in something will believe in any thing.

Sense I was in 11th grade I have been told to hate Wal-Mart, the American medical profession, the American Insurance companies, as well as many other American things.
And I listened to it all and believed it all, why, because I was ignorant; I didn't know any better. Hell, I even started believing in Global Warming until I hear Rush talking about how Global Warming was just a way of raising my taxes. At that moment I decided enough, I am not going to let people dictate what I believe in.

To be Continued...

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