Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So why'd you ask?

This morning at work, I was talking with my friend Steve, and my other friend Marla came up and asked me how my ankle was doing? So naturally I started explaining what was doing on with my ankle, how it still wasn't great but getting better and how my ankle brace was causing my heel to hurt and so on. And then my friend Steve burst out with "Dude, just say it's good", "she doesn't really care, she's just being nice, geez." I replied "Then why'd she ask?"

This brought me some thoughts on Why ever time I ask some one at church about there lives, they always say "ok" or "good" and that's it. Where as I go into this whole story about what is happening in my life. But there's a disconnect they don't seem to actually care, Why'd you ask?

It drives me nuts, I care, if I didn't I wouldn't have asked.....

What just happened? I care.


Outstanding as hell said...

that steve guy seems really cool, you should totally blog about him some more.

The Shithouse Poet said...

Who's the sum bitch that told you that mess?